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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Staying awake

I wish I knew how staying awake is done, at least, I seem to have cracked the not sleeping at night aspect - I was still awake at 3 am this morning, by 10 am I was fast asleep and woke up at 14.30 with the cat fast asleep on top of me and a crick in my neck. It isn't conducive to getting much knitting done especially when you have decreases to do every second round and (foolishly) a cable to do every third! I have at least reache dthe gusset decreases and I'm loving teh yarn, I bought it from Knit'n'caboodle along with teh purple DPN's - luckily I have loads of puple sock yarn so I can match my knitting to my needles! I'm back at work on Monday provided no other calamities descend on me so I need to return to my early to bed early to rise routine in the next 5 days!
I also need to rearrange my living room as a nice engineer type chap is coming to install a different television provider a week on Saturday some clearing up is necessary and a bit of light dusting is in order!


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