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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cough splutter

I'm sorry I've been missing in action for a week, more importantly I've been doing total inaction for a week. The chest infection I thought I was beating just before last weekend knocked me sideways. It upset my asthma and left me coughing incessantly, my asthma always makes me cough more than wheeze, but this time around I've been doing both, much to my disgust as it's been behaving itself for the last few years.

My GP signed me off work, gave me extra steroids and antibiotics and I spent most of the week drooping all over the place. Even knitting has been beyond me, the only thing I managed to do was finish this eyelash yarn scarf that I started just after last Christmas. Hecate has inspected it and given her aproval although she is giving me the impressiuon that she thinks it is well past time I went back to work and lefvt her in peace. She strongly disapproves of me keeping her awake at night while I cough.

I finally felt able to pick up the needles on Balsam today, I still have another six inches to go before shaping it but I'm not rushing at it, I've finally stopped making silly mistakes with the pattern (how's that for tempting fate?) but hurrying will be fatal. Secret Pal, I'm sorry I'm not being very communicative at the moment, I really will try and do better, I may even show you soem more interesting knitting eventually!


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