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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be back soon

Just to show I've started knitting after a fashion again, it's only a plain stocking stitch cushion cover, a kit I got free from a magazine subscription, but quite enough for me to cope with at present. I'm slowly recovering both from the trauma that was Monday and the chest infection from hell but I have no concentration or energy. I also have a coupe of massive bruises from them trying to take blood, I do have veins, but at the first sight of a needle they get all reluctant and shy and hide, even the one they found first gave them a smidgin of blood and then sulked, so I have three separate punctures with related bruises!

A friend of mine has offered Hecate and me somewhere to stay until Monday, I'm promised care and pampering and as much cat food as Hecate can manage so we're being collected tomorrow and I'll be back next week. My neighbour will look out for packages and hopefully I'll be much better on my return.


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