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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quite a week!

I've been a bad blogger recently, but that does mean I have lots to show you as in between the hospital and doctors appointments that I've filled this week off work with I've been shopping both online and at the Stitch and Creative Crafts show yesterday as well! This is sock yarn from an eBay seller, lovely colours but I'm not sure if it will end up as socks, it seems a wee bit harsh although it may well wash softer.
It didn't stop me buying two lots of it, I just can't resist purple/blue/pink combinations even though I never wear pink on it's own. I know I do have a bright pink UFO somewhere but I keep getting distracted!

I went browsing through the knitting books in my local bookshop and fell in love with this, I did resist buying it then and there, I find buying on Amazon Marketplace much more economical. I love this book - it has patterns in nice big sizes and I love many of the designs. I'm waiting for 'Cables Untangled' to arrive too - I had an email to tell me that it's on it's way!

Another sock knitting book, again from Amazon Marketplace, I really will get back to my sock knitting again soon, I must get more made before the winter as they make such a difference to the temperature of my feet. I do wonder if I'll need that as at the moment I'm 'enjoying' hot flushes on a horribly frequent basis.

As a reward at the end of my week my Mum and I went to this, we both spent more than we meant to and I can't show you everything I bought as I've been shopping for my Secret Pal, I can however show you some of my purchases! For the sake of avoiding guilt I'd like you to imagine that I don't already have enough stash to open my own yarnstore, my stash does, in fact supply a work colleague as well as myself!

Regia bamboo sock yarn, I've never knitted with this and I'd forgotten to add it to my 'yarn I want to try' question so I treated myself!

For some reason my mother chose this for me and as she paid for it I wasn't going to argue, it's nice cheerful yarn, I think it will make the sort of socks that you smile when you put them on!
Both lots of Regia and this came from Web of Wool, I could spend a fortune at their stall whenever I see them! This is Colinette Kingfisher colourway Jitterbug yarn, another sock yarn I haven't tried before.

One the left I have some yarn to knit for my future great nephew, I have a mental image of making him a little outfit in mock camouflage that came to me when I was browsing yesterday. The eyelash on the left is much more glittery and a sort of chestnut shade that I couldn't resist, it was only 50p a ball as well!

This wasn't a purchase, I found it in my mother's stash, it's chunky and she rarely uses chunky so I'll swap her some of my left overs in double knitting as she uses them for making crocheted charity blankets.

I've forgotten what this yarn is called, it was knitted up into a gorgeous stole and is knitted on 15mm needles so it should make a quick fun knit!

This is Sirdar Medici in the Leonardo colourway, it was on special offer at the Black Sheep stall, I have quit e alot of brown shades of yarn in my stash that I haven't actually used yet, but I have a hankering for brown for myself so maybe this time i'l lactually get something done!

Finally we come to more sock yarn - Fyberspates thi stime, I do love this yarn, I love the shades - although you'd have to know I'd like this one being pinks/purples!

I rarely knit blues and greens but this is lovely, it calls to mind exotic seas as seen in the best sort of travel films!
I'm back to work on Monday by which time I hope to have two premature baby outfits finished so I must get on. A quiick wave to my Secret Pal before I go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! we would probably scrap over the same things in a yarn store if there were only two or three things left... in sock yarn, for sure! I love the bright regia your mom got for you. I'd be scared if my mom picked out yarn for me. I'm intrigued by the knitting in nature, I can't wait to hear more about it.

take care, happy knitting
your secret pal

4:10 am GMT  

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