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Friday, September 07, 2007

Bits and pieces

If there is one thing I'm not keen on it's knitting in white, but my colleague who's baby this is for specified white so white it is! I need to get this finished by next Tuesday when I will have the chance to get someone to transport it to the recipient. This is the first front so I'm hopeful that I can get the second done, the bands added and the sewing up done this weekend. After that it will need a quick wash as it has been kicking around in my back pack for a number of weeks.
I started knitting something for any of my direct colleagues who had babies when I joined my current project over 3 years ago and I swear that almost overyone who could has now had a baby to keep me busy! I'm starting to forget how to knit adult sizes of anything.

I have, of course to get more knitting done for the future great nephiece, but I'm up to my neck in something for my secret pal so that is next on my to do list. The premature baby outfits came from Sirdar Early arrivals knitting book number 280, it has sizes through to standard baby sizes as well as for premature babies. There are also loads of premature baby patterns avilable for free online, including some on a BBC linked website that I currently can't remember the URL for.

This is the last of my knitting book purchases for a while - at least, that's the plan. It arrived yesterday but so far all I've done is glance at it, photograph it and go to bed to nurse a rather nasty cold that has attacked me, I blame it on too much time spent in hospital waiting rooms last week - horribly unhealthy places they can be. Just my luck to get it while I'm waiting for a CPAP machine for my finally diagnosed chronic sleep apnoea, the added congestion of a cold is making my sleeping far worse and I'm tireder than usual.

Secret pal you were asking about the Knitting from Nature book, I've photographed a couple of the patterns I fancy making. This is a lovely cabled design that I rather like, although it may be that I'm being influenced by my love of polo necks that you can turn up to keep your ears warm!
I'm fascinated by the structure of this scarf - I've been experimenting with modular knits and I fancy trying my hand at this, it's built so that it naturally curves around your neck, I think this is definitely on my to do list.There is a modular shrug type beast in the book but it has artistically placed holes in it and I don't fancy it one little bit.
This variation on a beret I think is gorgeous, I've made a load of plain berets and absolutely have to try this, it won't be mindless knitting like my plain pattern but I'm looking forward to trying it.

This updating of an otherwise plain sweater is gorgeous, I'll be stash diving for myself for this. I'll come back and edit this post when I have the book with me to add the names of the patterns if anyone needs them to hunt on Ravelry


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from your secret pal:

Thanks for sharing the pictures, and your source of inspiration for the baby clothes.

Fall has started to arrive here.. and that has turned my focus also to winter knitting. Amazingly it has made me want to abandon all my summer WIPs and just move on.. boy what a project harlot I am.

I hope you feel better. and if I get my lazy arse moving, a package should be in the mail to you by week's end.

take care
Your secret pal

8:54 pm GMT  

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