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Sunday, September 02, 2007


This is Balsam, I've had to reknit everything I did in the hospital queues last week - I managed to make a complete hash of the pattern, but I'm back to where I was - better than nothing

I've finished the two little premature baby bosywarmers, they're fastened with velcro for simplicity, the shoulders open so if the babies have drips in they can still wear them. Each bodywarmer has a matching pair of tiny mittens to go with it.

I couldn't resist starting thi soff, it will just be 4 balls knitted in garter stitch on 15mm needles - a real change from the fine work I have been doing lately but I still have some more baby things to work on so this makes a nice contrast.

Finally, Hecate hunting a moth in the ceiling light last night, I need to replace the lightshade with one that hasn't got a fringe, she's nearly wrecked this one in her enthusiastic hunting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the little baby warmers! I wonder if our hospital would take these...

you are such a great knitter. you are egging me on to do better with mine!

Your pal

8:40 pm GMT  

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