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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

See - I have been knitting

Please note that this is a different front (or back) as it's on a different needle to the picture on Sunday! I just have one sleeve and the sleeve pockets to do then I can start the finishing off and I'll have completed something this month!
I'm busily trying to decide if I can get a small package into teh post to my secret pal between one UK postal strike finishing and the next one starting and if it's worth the risk of putting something into the system that may take weeks to emerge from teh other end, I'm afraid for UK members of the latest secret pal swaps the post is proving a trial, I know there's a parcel on it's way to me, I think from the USA but as for when it will arrive - I have no idea, I tell myself that patience is a good thing to learn, but I've reache dteh ripe old age of 44 without getting the hang of it yet. This doesn't stop me from telling the cat to be patient when she tries to steal the food off my plate.
I made it through a second complete day at work today - despite getting soaked in a torrential downpour on my way in this morning, so far the week has been pretty much OK, better than I'd expected at least and I'm taking Friday off to give myself a long weekend. I have two reasons for that, one is to rest after being back at work but secondly I have the engineer coming to connect my TV service to my broadband, that means clearing up some more and may be a mistake as the downpour last night made my broadband lie down and die in the early hours of today. Luckily it was working when I got home enabling me to show you the knitting!


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