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Friday, October 12, 2007

Post finally!

Finally the strike bound mail service managed to spit out several packages and a load of bills this morning! I'd taken a days leave to reduce my first week back in the office to something manageable, sadly I then proceeded to sleep all day, clearly I needed the sleep but it feels like a terrible waste of a day off.
Anyway, this package arrived from the USA, my poor secret pal must have been wondering if it was ever going to get here!

These were inside, thank you secret pal - I have more babie sto knit for so the baby yarn will be extremely useful! The plastic stitch markers wil be really useful as I don't like to use metal markers on my nice shiny purple needles because I don't want to scratch them. The small balls are actually 50g in each, it's Maizy yarn, I've seen it in use on other blogs but never seen it in real life. It is 82% corn fiber and 18% elastic nylon, I'm not sure what pattern I'll use for it yet but the colours certainly make a nice change.

I finished sewing the new cushion cover around a cushion, it's a lovely thing, soft and fluffy and I was right, I can't easily keep Hecate away from it, she stands on it and kneads it with her claws.

As anyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I always have at least one fluffy scarf on my neeedles for the times when I don't want to knit anything complex, this is Sirdar Frenzy, not my favourite fancy yarn but I'm sure to find a home for it.

This doesn't show up very easily, but it's the camouflage sweater, I've finished teh neck band and done some of the seam sewing, hopefully it will be finished by the end of the weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yahoo! I'm so glad you received the package. The maizy makes some mighty fine socks--were you so inclined!

Another package is on its way to you...Happy Halloween...

Your pal

2:41 pm GMT  
Blogger DrLaura said...

i'm drlaura 'sockguru' for crystal palace yarns.
if you knit socks with the maizy, please email me drlaura dot sirius at gmail dot com and let me know - we would love to post your sock pics on our blog socks&more and link to your blog!
blessings, :L, laura

11:29 pm GMT  

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