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Sunday, August 05, 2007

My current distractions

I should be lace knitting, but I promised several people at work baby clothes, at this rate the babies will be born and in college before I'm done so I knitted the back of a second size cardigan.

This is the sleeve, I've had to undo a great chunk as I've suddenly discovered an inability to follow a totally simple raglan cardigan pattern! In theory this wil lbe bus knitting during the week as I'd like to be finished in a coupele of weeks.

The rest of my Barabara Walker treasury's arrived - I haven't dared do more than drool over them, with the number of WIP's I have around the place I need to be restrained!

I did have to do some test knitting, I treated myself to some James Brett pure merino and a set of Surina 4mm DPN's, I'm loving them both and attempting a simple beret pattern - although the way my simple knitting keeps going it may turn into a sweater for the cat yet!


Blogger Fred said...

Would you mind if I popped over for a visit? Might come away with more than I arrived with and not the feline sort either ;-)

9:22 pm GMT  

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