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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I must be mad!

I finally finished this, the latest Spanish Dancer shawl, it took me for ever to cast off the ruffle as I made it bigger and hence had many more ruffle stitches, I'm pleased with it even if I did start it in March! It took a definite back seat to the christening shawl as I'm sure you can imagine.

In an excess of finishing off I also finished this fluffy scarf started before Christmas, I have enough yarn left to make the brim of a woolly hat, all I need to do is stash dive until I find some brown yarn to make the body of a woolly hat! I may just wait until Hecate unearths it as she has a knack of diging in my yarn stores and finding wool I never knew I had!

The living proof that I am mad, this is a second christening shawl, while I have the border pattern in my head I figured I may as well get on with it, I have two sets of nieces and the second set may one day require it, if not I'm sure I can find a home for it at some time, I'm not rushing at it, current estimate of finishing time is next year as I'm only doing about 8 rows a day of the border (according to my obsessive compulsive spreadsheet)

I've been trying to find something to knit that caught my fancy as nothing I've ben working on has inspired me, I finally came up with the Irish Diamond Shawl from Folk Shawls, it seems fairly straightforward so far and is using part of a humungous cone of yarn I picke dup on eBay last year, it is'nt a portable project but will make good TV knitting.

Hecate likes my birthday present, I think she'd live in this bag if I'd let her! Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed birthday wishes, it wasn't a great birthday as birthdays go, but I've had worse!


Blogger Rosie said...

Not mad, touched by genius, I'd say. And Hecate is clearly a supermodel.

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