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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The promised update

This arrived through the post this week, I have the first volume and I've been looking out for this one cheap, finally I found it - I still plan on making my own design of arran sweater sometime - that had been my intention for this year when I got sidetracked by shawls!

This book will enable me to sort out what parts I need for my wheel, I'm not much cop with a hand spindle so I'm hoping that a wheel may work better for me.

I've done the first 7 repeats of the Irish Diamond shawl, I can't travel with it as the cone of yarn is way too huge so it's only growing slowly. I've done very little knitting this last week due to tiredness leding up to teh exciting cold I now have - I've spent virtually the whole weekend either asleep or curled up under the duvet reading.
Not much knitting is likely to get done this week eitehr as I have a doctor's appointment and then, if I'm no longer infectious I'll be celebrating my Mum's 80th birthday this Wednesday.


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