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Monday, August 13, 2007

I am still here - just about!

There's been little progress this last week, I've been incredibly tired for no apparent reason and mostly going to bed extremely early - Hecate isn't sure if she approves or not as it reduces the amountof time she snuggles with me while I knit. For some reason she doesn't try and snuggle when I go to bed, she sleeps on her own duvet at the end of the bed or acts as sentry on the windowsill.
The hat has grown a bit, I'm on the decreases now and trying to be clever - doing them without using stitch markers to show where they should be!
Hecate does a very good sentry pose, this time on the banisters on the landing! As you can see from the picture, she's been doing a good job of removing the wall paper below her, She has a bad habit of jumping up at things then sliding down with her claws out that no matter how amy times I tell her off or spray her with water will break her of.
I thought that quick and plain was the way to go, but even in baby sizes plain is boring after the lace! This is the back and one and a half sleeves of the baby cardigan for my colleague, I've done more frogging and reknitting on this than I did with the lace!


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