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Sunday, June 17, 2007

100 rounds to go - and counting!

Despite the sore wrists I've plodded along gently with the shawl, I'm feeling as if I'm really on the home stretch, but I'm hating the fern panel as I have no idea what it's supposed to be looking like, for all I know I may end up having to frog back to the stocking stitch band even now.
The bruises have appeared (I'm sparing you from pictures) and I do feel as if I've just wasted a break from work by spending much of it mostly imobile but I have enjoyed drooling over the Victorian Lace book. Thank you for the good wishes that came in comments and by email - don't worry, Hecate is fine, I didn't either land on her or murder her later!

I'm definitely not doing this fern pattern next time around, I think I'll just do the smal leaf pattern at the very centre, it's effective, a swine to get started but once the pattern is established ir's simple to do and easy to follow.

This will be for me (or end up being given away) I bought this when I was away with Skipnorth, it's acrylic, Spanish so I can't get more of it and although the first feel of it is quite rough it softens as I knit with it, it is easy to tink back when I make mistakes as it doesn't split and the stitc definition is amazing. I've learnt the edge pattern off by heart so it's ideal bus knitting and is just chugging along gently in the moments when the white shawl has defeated me. I've had several despairing patches lately where I've muddles the pattern and had to put it away over night until I could face the endless counting and recounting that is needed to sort it out!


Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! That's some very pretty lace you've got there! And you're knitting it while injured? I bow to your skill. I almost had a break down doing a simple feather and fan scarf last winter...

Thanks so much for stopping my my site and commenting. I just love hearing from new people and getting to visit their blogs!

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