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Friday, June 22, 2007

90 rounds and counting - and weeping

I thought I was doing ever so well until I tried to do the next round and found that the second quarter doesn't match the first and stupidly I got over confident and didn't indulge in the frantic stitch counting that I normally do on the plain knit rounds. I've put it back in it's bag and told it to sort itself out! I'm really not feeling any sort of love for the pesky thing at the moment and I've decided that any repeat knitting of this will exclude these panels of fern pattern, they are OK but not THAT pretty and are putting my blood pressure up something atrocious.
Thank you for your comments Annie - I can't claim to be a great knitter of lace shawls but I'm learning to not panic when things go wrong although I still persist in knitting without a lifeline and it appears without counting stitches when I should! It would also help if Mrs Nosey paws wouldn't keep leaping on and off my lap and running across my shoulders while I knit - somethings annoying her this week, possibly me and she's being a thorough attention seeking pest!


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