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Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've been waiting absolutely ages for this to arrive, I ordered it aound 4 months ago and it seemed as if it was never going to get here. It's perfect timing as I have 2 days leave from work and can spend my time trying to decide what to make first (after the baby shawl is finished of course)

This has only grown a little, it's the thing I pick up when my had is too muddled for lace knitting, I enjoy it and as it's taken me 2 years to collect the yarn together for it i don't mins how slowly it grows.

I've just under 30% of the middle of the shawl to do, tomorrow I should start the fern pattern that is inserted into the smal leaves as a background, at least in the absence of a picture I think that is what happens, I'm just doing round 109 and the new pattern starts at round 113. As soon as the rounds shring a little more I should be able to get a picture of the shawl sperad out as I have a second 3mm circular needle somewhere, at the moment I feel as if I'm in danger of boring you all with pictures of almost identical white lacey stuff - hence the reduced amount of blogging lately.
This may all be hypothetical for a few days as Hecate tripped me up as I went downstairs this morning, fortunately I was carrying an empty plastic planter on my way to fill it and that stopped me crashing head first into the front door. I don't think I've done myself any major damage but I'm stiffening up badly and have sore wrists and shoulders so I may just be daydreaming about knitting this weekend.


Anonymous Elly said...

Oh dear, hope it doesn't ruin your long weekend! Cats, don't you just love 'em?

3:35 pm GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

At least you have agreat book to read!
Cant wait to see the shawl! Hope to make one too but not as patterned as yours,dont think I have the brains/headspace for it!!!!

11:56 pm GMT  

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