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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Where the shawl is

I'm about to start the next pattern, a complicated combinatoin of the miniature leaf pattern combined with a fern pattern, I confess that I'm not looking forward to wrestling with it, especially in the absence of a photograph to show me what the end result should be! Round 93 is complete and according to my complicated spreadsheet I've knitted 67% of the centre stitches!

Somehow this has found it's way to my flat, I need to see what replacement parts it needs and get hold of them, but I'm assured that it has worked in the not too distant past. Hectate thinks that it is intended as a toy for her but hopefully she'll get bored fairly soon. If any of my readers knows anything much about this type of wheel I'd be grateful for their input.

Today has been very warm, really far too warm for knitting acres of shawl but Hecate was happily dozing, I could have done with sleeping myself.


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