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Monday, May 07, 2007

What can I show you today?

The weather here today has been thoroughly miserable, I didn't stir out of the flat, this was the view from my window, it doesn't show the rain bouncing in the puddles but I can assure you it was there!

The roll of lace edging is continuing to grow, I haven't quite made it to the 75% mark while I've been on leave, I'mm 11 rows short of the 30 pattern repeat but I've had enough for today. My original aim was to be at the picking up stitches for the middle stage before the next bank holiday weekend at the end of May, clearly I've underestimated the speed that the edge would grow at. I'm not going to risk starting the middle until a weekend though as I'll need to sit down and be focussed - this is a new thing for me and after all this work I don't want to mess it up.

At least you get to see my mitred square experiment which has the advantage of some colour at least, I'll be reverting to the lilac shawl on teh bus from tomorrow so you'll get to see even more boring pictures I'm afraid!


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