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Saturday, April 21, 2007


I had hoped to get as far as test knitting the edge of the shawl I'm hoping to make in some lace weight but my first attempt had to be frogged because I seemed incapable of counting to 35! This is my attempt in 4 ply which is going fairly well so far.

Hecate was determined to get into these pictures - she's a proper little madam today, full of herself and determined to be involved. I've managed half of the 48 row pattern repeat, I plan on making a whole repeat and keeping it so that I can see what I should be doing better when I embark on the actual yarn.

I am a little worried that I may not have time to complete this by Novemeber as the 48 row repeat has to be doen 40 times, but then the venter is knitted in teh round and I suspect could be simplified if neccessary, add to that the fact that teh center is just knitting and decrease every other round make sme feel a little more hopeful. I just need to get my hands on the yarn I need and put away everything else except for some bus knitting to avoid the temptation of starting anything else. Luckily I can knit the other baby clothes I have promised on the bus as I don't see myself making lace on the bus!


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