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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What I did in April!

Apart from becoming lace obsessed - witness the latest arrival to my bookshelf that arrived yesterday! It cheered me up nicely after a most unpleasant trip to the dentist, I admit I've only glanced through it so far but I will be studying it carefully at some point although probably not until after I've waded my way through the current christening shawl as I suspect it may make me want to start again doing something more complicated! I finished 3 things in April, the red/blue/purple Spanish dancer shawl, it's been safely homed with a friend for her 40th birthday gift and the bright green child's sweater that went to her lovely daughteras a much belated Christmas gift. The baby batwing sweater went in the post to a friend for her baby. I haven't done a progress check on the stash as I ended up buying the yarn for the baby shawl twice because the first yarn that I bought mail order turned out too fine for me to cope with at this point in my knitting learning curve.

Currently active on my needles I have the blue Spanish Dancer, that is at the I-cord stage with just the ruffle to do after that, the variegated purple Spanish dancer shawl is plodding along slowly on the bus, as I'm now off work for 7 days it isn't likelt to progress much although if I get to visit my mother I may get a little bit done. Most important of course is this, 15 of the 40 repeats of the edge of the christening shawl!

My complicated knitting spreadsheet indicates to me that I'm nearly 2 weeks ahead of my original estimated schedule, I wasn't sure when I drafted my original plan how quickly the edge would knit up, I'm going at roughly twice the speed that I had envisaged which is good! My plans for April were thrown out of the window when the christening shawl project turned up, although I did get a lot of knitting done.
Clearly my plan for May is to carry on with the christening shawl, currently my target is to finish the edge and get the centre stitches onto a circular needle, ideally I want to get the first centre pattern established at the next bank holiday weekend when I have a 5 day weekend booked, but the first centre round has 960 stitches in it! Luckily all these Spanish dancer ruffles have me useed to long rows. I'm hoping that I'll get a bit of other baby knitting done in between the christening shawl as light relief and maybe finish the blue shawl too.


Anonymous Susan in ID said...

Such lovely work! I really am envious and encouraged. Now back to my attempts. I'll be checking back to see how it turns out.

9:39 pm GMT  
Blogger Rosie said...

What gorgeousness. My knitting during April consisted of one project started, then stopped, now being re-thought.

4:25 pm GMT  

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