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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This arrived today, I'm having something of a lace fixation at the moment although I'll have to just read it and plan until I've made progress on the lace shawl. I've entertained myself by creating a vast complicated spreadsheet to keep track of the progress! At a rough count I have 177,500 stitches to make and at my estimate drate of progress it will be done by the end of November - current estimate the 25th!
The blue Spanish dancer shawl is very nearly ready for the I-cord edging and the ruffle but that can wait until the weekend or next week when I have a week off.

This is as far as I've got with the lace edging, two and a half of the 40 pattern repeats and as far as I can tell I have no errors in it thus far. I'm enjoying the knitting, although I haven't learnt the pattern and I'm not sure if I will, but I am getting to see the pattern as it knits up. I'm afraid you may all get very bored with pictures of ever expanding laceyness, I'll ask Hecate to pose photogenically for a bit of variety.


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Can you drop me an e-mail as I've lost your address. Thanks :)

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