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Sunday, April 22, 2007


As the blue shawl is now to big to take on the bus I started this one off, it's going to be my bus knitting for the next few weeks, it's yarn that I bought from Coldspring while I was in Haworth, I'm slowly making small inroads into what I bought, although having to stop and get laceweight won't help the stash reduction.

As you can see, the blue shawl is now onto straight needles for a while, the body around 75% done now, it's an awkward bundle at this stage and too much to cart around with me.

This is half a pattern of the shawl edging test knit in ultra fine lace weight, I'm finding it a tricky knit, I need sharp pointed needles but the yarn doesn't grip on metal needles so I spend a lot of time gripping the needles and knitting far too hard. I'm not sure if this yarn isn't a bit TOO fime for what I'm doing but I'll do a little more before deciding.

32 of the 48 rows of the pattern done in 4 ply, I actually like the way it looks even though the fabric is a bit dense and not what I want for a baby shawl, it is useful to have a sample to look at that shows the pattern clearly.


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