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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Very boring?

I'm afraid the next few months could get very boring for regular readers, I'm doing very little except for the lace shawl at the moment, I've set myself a target of the end of November to finish and created myself an immenseley complicated spreadsheet to keep track of progress. I'm actually hoping that I may finish at the beginning of November if I can keep going at my current pace but that just depends on how well I maintain my concentration. This is 7.5 of the 40 repeats for the border which is slightly ahead of my original aim for the first week - all good. It's just a shame that having got this far safely I had to frog part of the Spanish dancer shawl because I had done something most odd to it - and that is plain garter stitch which is worrying.

In order to give you a small amount of variety here we have Ms Noseypaws inspecting something from eBay that arrived gift wrapped!

Not terribly exciting but a jug to add to my Arklow collection, I plan on keeping my shortest knitting needles in it, I'm now the proud possessor of 3 jugs of various sizes all full of knitting needles.


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