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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This and that

I could have shown you yet another picture of a roll of lace tonight, I'm inordinately proud of the fact that I've nerly finished the 33rd pattern repeat out of the 40, I'm about 2 weeks ahead of where I thought I might be, partly because I do tend to underestimate my ability to pick up a new pattern and to actually stick at it however tedious all the repetitions can be. I took my camera with me to work today and took pictures on my way to the bus stop to give you some variety!

I love rhododendrons, years ago when I was still going on holiday with my parents we went to the island og Gigha which has a huge garden with lots of rhododendrons, I think that was probably the first time I'd seen so many all in one place. I loathed family holidays but they remain a happy memory.

Every spring I've meant to take pictures and I actually remembered today so although they aren't in full blooom I actually got my act together, after several weeks of glorious weather we are suffering from some very wet weather which will spoil the blooms so this is probably about the best picture I'll get this season.

As you all know, I never can resist a bargain and I managed to pick up 3 lots of sock yarn and some DK from my favourite ebay seller the Natural Dye Studios, I love her yarns, the colours are glorious and the socks I make with it are wonderful - I just wish I could persuade Hecate not to bite holes in them! Hecate is in disgrace today - she dived outside between my feet when I got hom etoday and kept me out in the rain for ages before deigning to return for her tea - it isn't safe for her to be outside as currently there are several owners letting large dogs roam. She followed that up my jumping up at me and scratching my hand - yet again, she's developed a bad habit of leaping at me to get my attention - it works but doesn't actually inspire great affection!

I did finish another of my mitred squares as light relief from lace last night but I'm going to concentrate on the lace until I get the edge finaished, I may get to the picking up stitches quite soon I think. I don't expect to be around to blog on Thursday as I have to work late and then I'm hoping my neighbour wil be home from hospital and I'll be able to spend soem time with her - she's been in hospital for nearly 2 weeks this time.


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