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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Waiting for the buttons!

This has been an annoying pattern, doing the neckband required DPN's, now I have no problem using DPN's but the pattern reckoned that you could fit the stitches on straight needles,can you imagine trying to strain a circular neckband straight?

It's all sewn up and the ends sewn in, it just needs the buttons adding, I experimented with Elizabeth Zimmerman's method of doing increase with half hitches and it has caused gaps in my sleeve seams but I think a judicious bit of needlework will fix it, I shan't use that method again though as it's made the finishing look scruffy. It is at least a finished article and I've found the pattern for my Noro sweater and all the finished bits. I've uncast off the finished sleeve so that I can lengthen it and will get back to it once the baby cardigan is done.
I have my year end appraisal to work tomorrow so I'm off to finish writing up my notes, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow reasonably sane and in once piece!


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