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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Burying my nose in a book!

Firstly, I know I'm supposed to be in UFO finishing mode, but, I'm late with two baby outfits so I've cast on the back of a sweater using up the rest of my yarn from my sweater - still stash busting and it should be a nice quick knit that I can get in the post in a couple of weeks. I did get a little of the blue Spanish Dancer shawl done on the bus today but the driver this morning was driving so fast I had to stop knitting so I could cling to my seat while we went round corners.

I don't expect to get anymore knitting done tonight and possibly not tomorrow night as this arrived today and I'm afraid once I start a book I have to finish it - I haven't yet organised a holder to enable me to read while I knit, I listen to audio books normally. I actually read too quickly to make a holder a really practical proposition unless it can turn it's own pages.


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