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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Almost finishing things off!

The sweater is almost done, I need to finish sewing in the sleeves and catch down the neck band and it's done, just in time for an Easter heatwave!

The third Spanish Dancer shawl from Knitty is finished, I have a few ends to sew in but that's all. I'd like to say hello to all the people who've called in at this blog to see the shawls, you're all very welcome! The Spanish dancer shawl is a very easy knit, I find the main body ideal for knitting on buses and in waiting rooms although I wouldn't want to try doing the ruffle under those circumstances simply because of the multiple circular needles.

I've tried to get a close up of the tip of the shawl to show the ruffle although I haven't been very successful! I'm going to experiment when I do the ruffle on the blue shawl, the last increase row I'll use the other end of the ball and cast off at the same time rather than wrestle with so many needles!


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