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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Controlled startitis!

I just have the cuffs, neckband and seaming to finish on this now, I think the neckband is going to be tricky as you have to join the shoulder seams first. This prospect has put me off so I've distracted myself from teh thought by doing some spring cleaning, I've removed two big sacks of trash from the flat so far, and found a home for a huge bag of yarn in a cupboard, this has made space in my bedroom, not a lot but more than I had before.

I've cast on the back of a first size cardigan, also needed as part of my commitment meeting endeavours and quieting my need to start something else new after finishing 3 things last weekend! I've still only cast on 2 things for the 3 I finished, very restrained for me. I sorted through some of the UFOs and dug out two more to work on when the baby rush is done, I've found the finished bits, the yarn and the patterns for both which is amazing me. I just wish I could find the second handset for my telephone which is bleeping forlornly somewhere but can't be seen, once it stops bleeping as the battery runs down I'll never find it!


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