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Monday, April 09, 2007

Finished objects

I'm pretty much over excited today - I finished sewing in the sleeves of this sweater and I've almost finished sewing in the few remaining ends as well, I'm very pleased to have one of my UFO's from last year finished, even if it does draw attention to how many more I have waiting in the wings!

Even better, I've finished sewing up this amazingly bright item and I've darned in all the ends as well, this has been hard to finish as not only is it not a colour that I like but I had to wrestle with knitting fancy patterns in 4 ply with far too much moss stitch for my liking. also the pattern being incorrect deraile dme for several months until I sat down and woirked out that it wasn't that difficult to fix once I stopped panicking!
With these two items and the finished shawl this month I can now count almost a kilo of yarn gone from the stash as I never count it as gone until the item is finished - if I get on and finish a few more lurking UFO's I'll motor through at least the edges of my stash!


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