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Friday, April 13, 2007

Believe it or not!

I've actually reached the sleeve shaping on the front of the baby sweater despite getting home late from work and faling asleep in front of the television! I'm pleased with how quickly this is growing - I'm even more confident that I'll be able to post it off at the beginning of next week and clear such an old obligation that I made for myself.
It's typical of me I'm afraid that I slow down in winter and find myself failing to do the things that I've volunteered for, shockingly bad manners but not intentional. I always expect to cope with the grey days much better than I actually do, I get my light box out later than I should and spen the winter desperately trying to recover from letting myself get too low before taking remedial action. Next winter I have a friend deputised to tell me to get my light box out on Octover 1st - we'll see if that makes a difference!
Anyway, it's definitely spring, I go to work in daylight now and I'm beginning to find energy again which is a relief, all those poor people that I owe emails and knitted items too may actually get them soon!


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