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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cracking on with UFO's!

I've come back to this toddler's sweater that I began before Christmas, I'd reached the neckline on the front and then found that the pattern was incorrect and lost heart. Buoyed up by finishing teh knitting on my sweater yesterday I dug this out and had another look at it, I figured out how to adapt the pattern I got it to this point by lunchtime today.

After an afternoon nap I figured out the neckband and cast it off twice, once with the correct needles then again with needles two sizes bigger having failed to take into account how tightly I knit! I still need to sew seams and knit thr armhole ribbing but for tonight I intend going back to sewing up my sweater as I left it on one side while I went back to this. My plan is to reward myself once these two UFO's are finally finished by knitting myself a pair of socks as it's been an age since I did a sock and I want to get back in the swing of them before I attempt the fancy pattern from Sibille.

I think Hecate has had enough of me being at home now, she seems to have spent most of today climbing around the flat and ambushing me every time I've gone past her!


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