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Friday, April 06, 2007

Ruffling shawls

I've been shopping through my stash and found this laceweight, once I have the last two Spanish Dancer shawls off my needles I think I'll use it, I've quite a few lace shawl patterns so it's a question of finding something challenging but not impossible!

Yesterday afternoon I started the casting off of Spanish Dancer shawl 3, I sat there plodding along with it last night, it's the MOST tedious part of these shawls but is ultimately very satisfying.

As you can see, I've plodded to good effect and am well past the half way point now, I'm taking a rest from it until tomorrow now, I have some plants to get into a new planter (to replace one of the ones I had stolen last year) and a mountain of housework, Hecate is safely asleep on top of the boxes in the corner of my office in the highest place she can find in teh flat so I may be able to get on without help - although I doubt it, Ms Nosey paws is always under foot!


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