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Sunday, April 01, 2007

March progress

Despite the fact that I seem to have been very busy with knitting in March I haven't finished very much, I finished a shawl, a hat and one afghan sqaure for the charity afghan. I'd hoped to get the latest shawl finished but as you can see, it hasn't quite happened, I've reached the I-cord stage but still have to do the ruffle which I expect will take most of the easter weekend. The sweater isn't quite finsihed either and I've realised that I should have taken into account that I was making the neckband in the round, before the rib I was supposed to so 3 rows of knitting, which I did, but I should have done one purl to make it look right. I'm going to persist and hope for the best though and I'll see what it turns out like. I hate frogging on DPN's so I'm resisting it.
I don't want to go into details of how much the stash grew in March - I think it turned out to be a net increase of about 20kg - but I don't intend buying anymore yarn in the forseeable future - but how many times have you heard that before?
Plans for April
  1. Finish the red shawl
  2. Finish the lilac/white/blue sweater
  3. Finish the bright green sleeveless baby sweater
  4. Get on with the blue spanish dancer shawl
  5. Carry on with the odl Noro Kureyon sweater that I began I August 2005!
  6. Get on with the learn to knit afghan again!


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