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Monday, March 26, 2007

On one finishing straight!

I've made real progress on my sweater, I'm on the second side of the front neck now then all I need to do is seam one sleeve and shoulder and I can get the neckband knitted. then just teh sleeve seaming to do. I'd hoped to finish it this month but I think now it will be Easter when I finish it. I started it last June so it's about time I got it done!

The baby surprise is past the neck decreases now although I still don't really have any idea what I'm doing with it, I just keep plodding on with it. It will have to wait for my return from York to grow further, I'm not taking it away when I'm so clueless with it.

I've been digging through old stash today an dound these, the two on the left are brushed acrylic, quite fine and I think will go into winter shawls, it's amazing what I find when I dig through the stash mountain I have a kilo of each of these, total cost including postage was £17.

I found an old brown mailing sack and left it for Hecate to play in - she loves it and nests happily in it, unfortunately it rustles loudly so isn't great at night.
After ringing around 15 dentists today I finally found one that took NHS patients - nowhere near where I live and a 30 minute journey from where I work but accessable by bus. I had to spend the afternoon queing but I managed to get my crown glued back in which means I can eat while I'm away!


Blogger Nic said...

I have found a picture of the baby surprise jacket.... does that help you to see what is going on?
Glad you found a dentist and you got sorted. Dentists are a joke in this country.
I have finished the sock I started at SkipNorth so that's half a project down so I can start ten more now ;)

10:07 am GMT  
Blogger Nickerjac said...

Glad you fouund a dentist, they are a bit far and few between these days. Hope the trip to York goes ok

11:47 am GMT  
Blogger Sheila Wool2Dye4 said...

Hello from Virginia (US). Do you know if Fyberspate has a website? By the way, I am finishing up my first adult surprise jacket after doing two baby versions. Feel like a genius once it is finished!

3:07 pm GMT  

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