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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bared teeth

The hat is progressing nicely - I'm enjoying going back to the pattern and still enjoying the yarn. Nic, I have so many WIP's I couldn't even begin to count them but I am trying to reduce them by a few, probably in compensation for the huge increase in yarn that has taken place lately!

Despite all the yarn I couldn't resist this, incredibly fine variegated acrylic, I love the colours in the yarn and it was ultra cheap on eBay. The bared teeth are as a result of a crown falling out just now, I don't have a dentist that I can go to - no NHS ones available around here and they'll all be closed for the weekend now, not only that, I have to go away for work on Tuesday morning so trying to find anyone to glue it back before then is going to be a trifle difficult! (leaving aside the fact that I'm terrified of dentists)

I hadn't got round to showing you these, dye lot ends from our House of Fraser that has started doing haberdashery again, I'd gone in looking for buttons for my Freedom Sprirt wasitcoat and came back with these at 25% off.

I did bring back buttons as well although I'm not sure now if I like them!


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