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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Memory like a sieve

I'd intended working on the red shawl while I was away, but being terminally disorganised I managed to leave it behind, luckily I had the yarn and needles with me to start the next one so I cast on and merrily knitted my way to this point. It is frustrating as I reckon I'd have been close to the I cord and ruffle on the red shawl if I hadn't left it at home, this probably serves me right for not starting to pack until 5 am on the day I was going away.
Hecate has missed me and is being very clingy this evening, she'll forgive me when I bribe her with salmon though - she soon forgets to bear a grudge fortunately as she's bitten me several times since I got home.

I did some shopping in some of the charity shops in York, I've been after a straightforward plain baby pattern for a while and was pleased to find this.

This is the sort of ultra girly pattren I recall from when I was first knitting (what seems like many years ago), I rarely make anything like this but I wanted a pattern like this to go in my library.

I used to have a mohair cardigan pattern but lost it, I'll need to adapt this but as it only cost 25p I couldn't really lose!

A chunky pattern with a little imagination whilst remaining quick and easy - I like!

I couldn't resist this book for £1.99 as you can see from the two pictures below it has bot the history and some of the stitch patterns for these garments, one day I will knit a gansey - maybe when I'm 100!

I couldn't resist these 3 books, they are quite technical and once I've read them I will probably pass them on - leave me a message if any of them particularly interest you, they weren't expensive and I'll happily trade them

Ultra fine pure merino to go into my 'to be lace one day stash' who could resist this for less than 1p a gramme? I do have a few other things to show you, but they will have to wait until tomorrow - thanks to some idiot who had been in my hotel room before me I was woken at midnight last night by the alarm clock going off and I'm suffering from sleep deprivation (my room wa next to the lift shaft too). Nic, thanks for the information about baby surprise, I'll check that out and see if it helps me!
Now, fingers crossed that blogger and my ISP let me post as my connection is currently slightly intermittent.


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