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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Left over from yesterday

I didn't knit much last night - I was so sleepy even garter stitch felt difficult! I had to buy this book after I saw Eunny's version of one of the shawls in it, the Pine Cone I think, it has several shawls in it that I yearn to knit when I'm Spanish Dancered out!

This has more patterns I want to play with, I found it on amazon marketplace and treatd myself.

As usual I've returned fom time away with postcards, I have a huge collection, mostly of vaguely political and/or humerous ideas, I couldn't resist these 3 from the Oxfam book shop in York. For those of you curious about my knitting, teh red shawl is a bit bigger and heavier but pretty much looks like the last picture I showed you. Sheila, you'll find Fyberspates at or you can buy from, hope that helps.


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