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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Yuletide to me!

Number one Christams present to me, I've been eying these for a while as I can't see me springing for the Barbara Walker stitch volumes. I bought this one of teh three currently available to see how I like it and I think I love it. I've been busy today so haven't spent much time with it but it's definitely interesting.

This is my other Christmas present to me, an external hard drive, I have an old PC with a dodgy hard drive in it, I intend emptying the drive onto this so that I can take my time going through it, I have a laod of audio files on it that I want to check through and old pictures too, unfortunately a programme I put on my PC today has done something horrible to my PC's volume that I need to fiddle with but tomorrow, as they say is another day!

The right front of my waistcoat is now halfway to the armnhole, I'm still hoping to be onto the bands before I go back to work next week. That would be helped if I hadn't spent part of toiday slogging through my Adrifils stars shawl, one more ball of yarn to go and it will be finished, I'm almost certain I'll get it finished by the year end.

I finished the back of the waistcoat today and did the shoulder seam, that was a major milestone in the project, I really do think this may get finished possibly even this year!

This is actually to do with the learn to knit afghan, I'm trying to decide whether or not to crochet round the squares in this green before sewing together, it will make it easier to get the squares a uniform size if I use crochet on the smaller ones, I'm just not sure if green is the road to go down, although it would make it definitely a Christmas afghan - and might even be done by next Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I won't take the green yarn for the edge. For me it's a bit too much ...
But I really like the waistcoat!

Take care Sibille

8:36 am GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Oh yes the green looks cool!And the waistcoat looks great!!! Can't wait to see your finished WIPs...

9:36 am GMT  

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