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Friday, December 22, 2006

Alas I am undone!

Firstly, this was my challenge yesterday - wrapping up a lampshade - why do I do this to myself? Why don't I buy things that are in square boxes, or at least buy boxes big enough to hold the strange shaped gifts I buy? I wonder if my neighbour will guess what it is before she opens it!

The front of my waistcoat had reached the armhole shaping when I found a lost stitch, I ummed and ahed about it, tried to tell myself I could darn it in and it would be fine, but then the knitting perfectionist in me kicked in.

The right front is back to here, I have picked up and nearly finished the armhole band on the left front and I'll be able to show you that tomorrow even if this front is about a quarter the length it was when I frogged back. I also frogged an attempt at one of the afghan squares that didn't work right - due to me thinking I'd read and understood the pattern when I hadn't. Today has been a day for what I call negative knitting, I've less done tonight than I had this morning!


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Happy Christmas!

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