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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wot I did in October!

No knitting pictures tonight as I've lent my camera to a friend so that she can take pictures of her knitting. These cups and saucers and the sugar bowl arrived yesterday, I couldn't resist them, I love the Tara's harp design and I hadn't any other crockery with the gold inside.

As usual at the end of the month I'm reviewing my knitting achievements, it's mostly been pretty dull scarf knitting, with the odd bit of more ambitious work.

Finished this month, 6 scarves, one sock to make a pair and the back of the lime green V neck toddlers sweater. I'm half way up the back of my chunky jacket, I started the yoke this evening but only done two rows so far. I'm about 3/4s of the way to the neck of the V neck sweater and I have 3 scarves nearly finished.

I'm not sure what I'll achieve in November, but I have a schedule (or at least a cunning plan) for finishing off a few items, I can't promise too much, but the plan is to finish the lime green top, a cable tunic baby sweater that I abandoned a while ago, 3 scarves and as much of the chunky jacket as I can manage. Please don't anyone put any money on my possible success or failure - I have a terrible tendency to get distracted on cast on more things before finishing WIP's.


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