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Thursday, November 02, 2006


After 2 hours trying to upload pictures to blogger last night they all finally uploaded this morning. I only have intermittant problems with them but when I do I really do!
This is the current scarf in progress, it may look identical to one I finished last month but I had enough yarn left to make another one, so this one's for me! (well, probably anyway)

This one is definitely for me, Wendy Cosmic in Neptune, I had a scarf finishing day today, I have a piel of scarves waiting to have the ends sewn in, I weave the middle ones in so I only have two ends on each, I really should do them at the time, but somehow I never do.

This one is almost definitely not for me, I rarely do pink unless it's very bright and 'in your face', this doesn't qualify, reminding me as it does of candyfloss that's got damp and turned dark in spots!

This arrived safely in the post today, I seem to be developing a collection of what they call 'Tara's harp' pattern, this is the first piece I have on a blue ground.

I had intended not buying anymore of the fashion yarn that I've been using for scarves, but as I have a seemingly endless demand for them from my neighbours I had a quick look in a discount store on my way home from work. I came out with this.

And this, most of it was 3 balls for £2 and the rest was £1 a ball, it's cheap and cheerful and allowas me to knit when when I'm uninspired by anything complicated, in a good week I can make a scarf purely on the bus journeys to and from work and any money I get for them is going into my SkipNorth fund. I bought myself a money box for the fund, took a picture but blogger ate it, so I'll have to show you that anoterh time. I also got lucky and found a copy of Vogue knitting winter 2006 yesterday and have been happily drooling over some of the patterns.


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