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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Some knitting and yet more kitten!

It may not look like much progress, but this is half the rib of the back of the jacket. I've been busy washing socks, cooking, cleaning and sorting through junk in my bedroom, so I haven't done very much knitting and the kitten is disgusted with the disruption.

This scarf is finished, I think I quite like it now, but it reminds me of snow which is a bit of a chilly thought for October in Manchester. Much to my disgust the local inhabitants here were setting off fireworks at 1am today, I'm not impressed, and nor is Hecate. Nest will be tiny children banging on my door yelling 'Trick or treat' or 'Penny for the guy missis', I've stopped answering my door in the evenings until after bonfire night.

Given that this cat has the choice of endless soft and comfortable places to sleep, can anyone tell me why she chose to sleep up here for an hour today?? My apologies to anyone who objects for the fact that one of these pictures show her 'rude bits' but I couldn't resist recording what seems to me to be totally bizarre behaviour!


Anonymous Kelly said...

Fantastic photos!

8:41 pm GMT  
Anonymous lesley scorah said...

qkqhi there read your blog daily am an avid kitter but no good at blogging.
couldnt resist sending you this poem.

cats sleep anywhere ,any table any chair.
top of piano window ledge,in the middle,on the edge.
open drawer, empty shoe, anybodys lap will do.
fitted in a cardboard box,in the cupboard with your frocks.
anywhere they dont care! cats sleep anywhere.
eleanor fargeon ( 1881 1965)
wip socks stole tank top loads of other things for my daughter.
best wishes from lesley oh and 3 adult cats and a 12 week old kitten!!

11:13 am GMT  
Anonymous Melissa said...

LOL Baghera sleeps in weird places like that. Mistoffelees however has to be absolutley perfectly comfortable and gets disgusted if you disrupt him at all.

12:58 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like a drying kitten ;-))


9:06 pm GMT  

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