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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The bath supervisor

Most of today will be pictures of Hecate - I've been meaning to post a pictorial explanation of why she falls in the bath so often and as I had a day off I took the opportunity to get a series of pictures of Hecate and the bath full of water. I've managed to rescue the scarf she pulled off my needles, at the fourth attempt I finally cast off this scarf in Zeus coloured Cosmic.

I've made a little bit of progress with this today, and a kind friend has taken some packages to the Post Office for me today, parcels with socks and sweets have winged off in different directoins. I've been engaged in cat flea destrcuctoin today, hoovering, washing bedding and spraying everywhere. It's ironic that Hecate brought them home from the vet and I've been fighting a very slow battle against them. It's meant that I've not joined in SP9 as I couldn't be sure of not sending fleas on to anyone, the recent parcels were all checked carefully and taken to work for a week before checking again and posting - I'm somewhat paranoid about this at present, I'm almost sure that the new spray will finally get rid of the last few though.

This is Hecate leaving the picture because the door bell rang and she wante dto see what was happening!

This was arriving, cup, saucer and plate to match a bowl and another saucer and plate. The rest of the pictures are Hecate supervising my bath, illustrating her fascination with water and bubbles.


Anonymous Wibbo said...

Your kitten pics do make me smile! My cat, Flossie, looked very similar to Hecate when she was a kitten and she had a similar fascination with the bath. That is, until she fell in. Luckily, I wasn't in it - Flossie smelt nicely perfumed after I'd dried her fur, but she was extremely cross....

9:02 am GMT  
Anonymous Melissa said...

My Mistoffelees has the same fascination with my bath. He walks around the edge of it every time I'm in there! He steers clear of Connor's bathtub and bathtime though!

3:34 pm GMT  

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