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Friday, October 20, 2006

Never enough WIPs!

Sometimes Hecate looks like this, this is the look of a cat who has decided she prefers fresh salmon to the kitten food flavoured with salmon. She's been sulking because I went to work today anyway, she took the opportunity to unwind half a ball of wool.

The top of this picture is part of yet another scarf, the bottom half is the remnants of the ball of wool after kitten played with it, this is unusual as its only acrylic and she normally ignores that.

She is capable of looking very affectionate and loving, she was purring like an ancient engine in this picture, curled up in the crook of my arm and rapidly giving me pins and needles.

Yet another part knitted scarf - I have a pile of these that sit in the drawer of my desk at home, whenever I want a break from the computer I knit a few rows, it makes knitting garter stitch scarves slightly less tedious!

This, is a sign of an unhinged mind, with all the UFO's around my flat I cast on the back of a chunky jacket from a Woman's Weekly, I even knitted a gauge swatch first - that is seriously out of character but I'm substituting yarn from my stash for yet another yarn only available by post and costing more money than I can afford. I'm not sure how quickly this will get done as I'm knitting it big and baggy deliberately, I want it to wear around my flat this winter and if it isn't finished I'll still be kept warm knitting something this big!
I have a mountain of housework to finish off this weekend, but fear not, I'm far more likely to knit than do it.
Wibbo, I wish Hecate learnt from the experience of falling in but she doesn't, at least once a month she seems to land in it. sometimes with me in there and sometimes as I get out, then she runs around the flat dripping with water and then tries to hide under my duvet.
Melissa, I think it's an occupational hazard with cats especially if they bond closely to a human, I used to have 3 cats but only 2 of them were closely bonded with me and they both used to wander around my bath and fall in.


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