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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fluorescent green again!

It's growing, even if rather slowly, but I've done more housework, a few more rows of chunky rib and several rows of several different scarves. I've three scarves nearly 2/3rds done now, I'll have a selection for my neighbour to choose from, although a couple of them I may keep for myself.
Hecate has spent a large proportion of today on top of the bedroom door airer, she's sulking because I put a new flea collar on her yesterday, it's a nasty smelly thing but more powerful than the previous one I tried on her. She was open to bribery however, I roasted some chicken last night and she had a small amount today, she loved me then!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really wish that our tom cat would accept chicken today ...


9:07 pm GMT  

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