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Monday, October 23, 2006

A bit of this, a bit of that

A small dish, one I hadn't seen before arrived today, I've cut back on my collecting lately, a couple of people are bidding stupid prices on eBay at the moment so I'm contenting myself with picking off small items that they don't bother with, it's a cyclic thing really, people come shop for a while then get bored. It's been a sad day today for me, my senior manager at work retired, I'm going to miss him badly (although I knwo he reads this blog for news of Hecate so I won't be TOO gushing). Also I heard from my friend that her cat is very poorly so I'm worrying about him as well.

This scarf will be for me, it's an old discontinued colourway of Cosmic, I think Neptune, I made a scarf out of it last year and gave it away but promised myself that one day I would have one in this colour some time. The photograph is almost true to the colour, it's a bit like oil on a puddle of water, knitted up on 6mm needles it gives a loose drapey fabric that I like.

I bought kitten a new toy today, a catnip fish with a bell attached that I've attached to a door handle, she may not be friends with me but she's enjoying it!


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