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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yummy yarn!

This arrived today, alpaca from eBay, I've had alpaca sock yarn but this will be my first alpaca double knitting, I think the two colours go well together, but i'm not sure what I'm going to make out of it, it is going to be put well out of Hecate's reach! She's already been cuddling up to it.

I have been bad though, this is more sock yarn of various types from The Natural Dye Studio on eBay, I never can resist picking this up when the price is reasonable, it often goes out of my price range but I got lucky this time! From left to right I have
1)lime blossom - 'British sock wool'
2)strawberry cream alpaca and silk
3)sugar hearts - 'British sock wool'
4)strawberry cream merino
5)aqua spring - 'British sock wool'
6) aqua ocean merino

My second sock is growing well, I'll be onto the foot soon, even if it is a longer foot than I like! I have got a little bit more done tonight but not as much as I'd like as I've had visitors, one of whom I'd rather have been stabbing with my DPN's! I had reached the 26th row of my bright green confection but then I spotted a mistake and had to frog about 6 rows, almost inevitably I seem to twist stitches when I do that so I've reknitted one row to straighten them out.

My final loot for today, 3 pieces of Arklow, I'm not sure about the donkey, but I didn't have anything in the grey colour, it was nice and cheap too!


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Nice haul!

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