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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bad, bad kitten

This, is in part my fault, I'd started casting on another sock, got distracted and left it where a kitten could find it! I have no idea when she did this, luckily it only destroyed about 4 inches of yarn or I'd have been more annoyed, it was, of course, pure merino rather than just Opal! She's still sulking over the flea collar and jumped on my head in the middle of the night last night to make the point that she was cross!

I've returned to this sock, last seen at the end of August, I'm at the toe decreases which is good, it's a new orphan sock which is not so good! I only have about 6 orphans at present, and 2 orphan boottees which is pretty good for me!

I've started the cuff of the second blue boottee, just to prove that I am capable of making mates for orphans still despite my being in a pretty poor frame of mind at the moment. I've just finished the third pattern repeat of the bright green, I mess it up on the last 6 rows of every repeat at the moment which is highly annoying and slows down progress dreadfully.
Sibille, don't expect to see many pictures of me, I try to keep the blog fairly anonymous and I loathe pictures of me, my ex took loads and I hated almost every single of them. I try to avoid getting on family pictures, when my niece got married a few years ago I successfully avoided being in any pictures at all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean ;-))
I don't like pictures of me either. And I'm quite good in avoiding too many of them too. But after following your life for over 3 months it's a good thing to see who's behind the blog ...
I'm satisfied with this one ... for now.

Take care Sibille

8:17 pm GMT  

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