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Monday, September 18, 2006

Sulky kitten

Sadly Hecate came back from the vet with fleas - she certainly didn't have them when she left here! I went shopping today and bought her a flea collar which is currently annoying her intenseley. Here she is sat on a box in the far corner of the room with glowing eyes glowering at me!

The first blue boottee is almost finished, just a few more rows to go. I just looked at the bright green and realised that yet again I've bollixed up the last two rows of the pattern, I do it on every repeat and I'm leaving it for tomorrow to study it carefully, although I'm working late and may not have time.

I got my act together and got a haircut today, finally after 5 years of mostly keeping my hair plaited to keep it out of teh way my head looks like this! Mostly this is a result of getting at least 6 inches cut off and the hair dressers putting all sorts of hair products on it, I'm just about to wash it all out or tomorrow my head will feel as if it has been dipped in cement. I realise this is not a great view, but I don't think this camera has a timer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why I'm not a big fan of seeing a hairdresser - they always put all sorts of things on my head and I'm not used to it. When I get home from there I wash my hair immediately.
I think this is the first self-portait on your blog!? I really appreciate that ;-)

Take care Sibille

6:07 am GMT  

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