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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another FO!

I can't say that it's something I'm proud of, but I've finished knitting the 2 balls of Sirdar Tuscany into a scarf, I don't like the yarn, I don't like knitting with it and I don't like how it turned out, but it's finished!

Here is Hecate playing at 'I'm higger up than you are' She's mostly spent the weekend appliqued to my right leg, or hunting my plaits. I think I can afford the haircut I've been promising myself this week, I'm going to get my hair cut short again, it's been about 7 years since I had it as short as I prefer and it's time to get it done again although I may have to dye the grey out of it then.

Here she is hoovering up some cat treats - she's currently got an appetite like a horse!
I've picked up the stitches to make the cuff of the next boottee, tomorrow's bus knitting. Mind numbingly dull, but relatively quick.

Here is the bright green, taken without flash which distorts the colour rather but makes the pattern clearer.


Blogger trek said...

Your little kitty isn't so little anymore!

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