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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tiger feet!

Another FO! This is a weekend that is going well so far, socks finished yetsrday, a pair of boottees today, Hecate and I have had a loving snuggled morning, she hasn't bitten me once! My grocery order arrived very nerly corectly and I'm blogging early because I'm going out. Oh and I trimmed the hedge this morning too.
I'm afraid I owe a few people emails, I promise I'll get them written tomorrow!

As you can see, the bright green is progressing, I've nearly completed 2 repeats of the 20 row pattern, there are limits to how long I can spend knitting this yarn at any one time without sunglasses. I've sorted all my knitting magazines into date order, then put on one side all the ones taht haev soemthing in that I want to knit, next weekend I'll go through them again and put them in priority order, I've learnt not to decide anything too quickly - procrastination has a lot to recommend it you know!


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Love the tigers and the lovely socks in last post,your efforts always inspire .....

11:40 am GMT  

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